Community Services


  • Chat

    Chat rooms and instant messaging (XMPP/Jabber)

  • Social

    Social media (micro-blogging on the fediverse)

  • Forums

    Kosmos community forums and user support/help site

Software development

  • Gitea

    Code hosting and collaboration for software projects

  • Drone CI

    Continuous integration and build pipelines

Account & Auxiliary services

  • Accounts

    Manage your Kosmos account, and invite new users

  • Sockethub

    Access other Internet protocols from Web apps

  • IPFS Gateway

    Web gateway for the IPFS decentralized filesystem

  • Lightning Network

    A simple, always-on inbox for receiving sats

Coming Soon

  • Storage

    Personal data storage and synchronization for the Web

  • Video Chat

    Secure and flexible video conferencing, for 1:1 and groups

  • E-Mail

    First sent in 1971, still useful and necessary today