Kosmos Chat

Kosmos Chat is a group chat application, based exclusively on open protocols, standards, and data formats. All of its components can be either self-hosted or connected to hosted services. No user data is ever locked into hosted silos.

Status: An alpha version of the client app is in use by developers, and a public beta version is planned for 2024.

Kosmos Accounts & Services

Kosmos Accounts give people access to our hosted services. An account dashboard and control panel offers account management functionality and additional integrations.

Status: Accounts are in beta and already in use by some developers and other users. Registration is currently by invitation only.


Kredits are a system for tracking opensource project contributions, enabling and facilitating the fair and transparent use of project funds, as well as improving project management and governance.

Status: We have been experimenting with the system in pre-production for a while, and have run multiple trials for development grant payouts. Currently working on production migration/launch.