Kosmos Infrastructure Foundation

Providing physical infrastructure for Kosmos software and services

The Kosmos Infrastructure Foundation (KIF) is the host organization for Kosmos hosted services. It acts as an infrastructure provider to the developers and users of Kosmos software. It is appointed this role by the Kosmos co-operative, and is run by members of the co-operative itself.

The foundation also accepts financial contributions on behalf of the co-operative, both for the development and maintenance of Kosmos (and related) software, as well as for providing hosted services to individuals and organizations. As per the KIF’s founding statutes, which are legally binding, any and all of its funds must only be used for these purposes.

Our Mission

We believe that neither the development nor usage of free and open-source software should be entirely dependent upon select corporations or VC-funded startup companies. Thus, we think that free software benefits from community-owned, sovereign and open communication and collaboration platforms that are only beholden to free software’s most important stakeholders: its creators and users.

In this context, our mission is as follows:

  • Provide community-controlled infrastructure for the collaborative development of all Kosmos applications, as well as related and unrelated free software
  • Provide a professional, reliable hosting environment for research, development, testing, and demonstration of all Kosmos applications
  • Provide, on a not-for-profit basis, easy-to-use services surrounding Kosmos applications to end users, both individual and organizations
  • Help other organizations with both self-hosting and providing hosted services to their own users or the wider public

Board of Directors

  • Sebastian Kippe
  • Michiel B. de Jong
  • Michael Bumann
  • Greg KarĂ©kinian
  • Nick Jennings



Stichting Kosmos Infrastructure Foundation
Herengracht 449A
1017 BR Amsterdam


foundation@kosmos.org (PGP)